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Promoting a Web Series

by on Jun.18, 2010, under Creators Blog

Stars Taryn O'Neill, Janna Bossier, and Craig Frank at a New Media Vault Event.

Inspired by Mathieas’ Tubefilter piece on building buzz, and a  shout out to Dialogik Digital and the immense help they did in our pre-launch, I figured I’d blog about Promoting a Web Series. Please note, I am not claiming that the promoting of our show was a complete success, nor am I claiming it to be the right way to promote a show, it’s just the way we chose to do it.

When you’re doing an independent series for the web, one of the big daunting tasks is in the promoting of your web series.  Most people who create shows aren’t promoters, advertisers, or public relations gurus, they are filmmakers and storytellers.

Personally I’m glad to see that the “if you build it, they will come” watch mantra is dying fast. Why? Well the internet is a HUGE place. There are a lot of eyes out there, and you’re never reach them all. That is why you need to guide your target viewers to your show, and you need to find your audience.

I’m going to re-point to Pam Kulik’s, Dialogik Digital post on this because she really has it fleshed out better than I do so take a look. She really covers our Launch Strategy,  Promoting, and Audience Building, so I encourage you to learn from it, I know I did. I remember being on a conference call with them and Dailymotion before our launch and the two P.R. reps just chatted away about all this promotional/press jargon that I had no clue about. -

If you’re a web series creator, if you get anything out of this post, I’d say look into finding/hiring some P.R. representation, it’ll shoot your promotions forward 10 fold. (continue reading…)

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Making some “Best of the Year” Lists

by on Dec.30, 2009, under Creators Blog

Compulsions as one of the 'Top 10 Professional Favorites from 2009'

NewTeeVee names Compulsions as one of the 'Top 10 Professional Favorites from 2009'

Recently I’ve found out that we’ve made several notable Best of 09 Lists around the web. It’s quite an achievement to be even singled out as one of the top web shows of 09 on any list, but to make NewTeeVee’s Top 10 Professional Favorites from 2009 means a lot to us because especially given the amount of shows that they cover.

To be classified with the “professionally produced shows” (though I still feel we’re more indie as a whole) automatically put us up with some super high quality, well backed shows that have crossed over to today’s pop culture (Valemont, The Guild, and Auto Tune the News). Thus being in a “best of list” with shows like these is incredibly honoring and really helps to show how well our series has resonated with our audience. I personally love how Writer Liz Miller caught what our show was truly about with how she wrote that we focused “exclusively on exploring its internally twisted characters, brought to life by some of the best acting in web series last year. (continue reading…)

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Compulsions Premiere at Cinespace Recap

by on Dec.06, 2009, under News

compulsions_premiere_party-4 A week ago today (Nov, 30th), Compulsions premiered at popular Hollywood nightspot Cinespace, known for it’s lounge/nightclub decor yet spacious theater screening area. At the crowd trickled in, the cast and crew were interviewed by Kristyn Burtt of The Web Files. The subsequent coverage episode can be seen here.

During the greeting hour, the attendees were treated to the tunes of DJ Srsly as well as a photo/red carpet booth managed by J Regan Huston Photography and sponsored by [M] Consulting. At 7:30pm, the crowd was ushered into the screening space where the night started off with Aimee Carlson, Director of Programming, announcing as the exclusive online distributor for the series, which transitioned to Writer/Creator Bernie Su welcoming the crowd and introducing the show.

More after the Jump…  (continue reading…)

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What a Week – Success?

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Creators Blog

Hey everyone!

Bernie-Janna-Seth 11-30-2009 7-28-40 PM

Left to Right: Writer/Creator Bernie Su, Janna Bossier (Justine Davis), and Seth Caskey (Adam Creedy) at the Compulsions Premiere Party

First off I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who are watching the show. It doesn’t matter how good you make the show, if no one watches it, it might as well not exist. I also want to say THANK YOU to my amazing cast and crew (many of which are still putting the final polish on episodes 5-8) for our 2nd week run. I’ve heard a ton of personal praise, and even apparently have a personalized congrats video out there thanks to Sandra Payne and Kristyn Burtt of The Web Files (way to make a writer of such darkness shed a tear).  Anyway, I have to deflect a lot of the praise to my cast and crew, they were all spectacular in their own rights and all put in a ton of quality hard work into this show. With all the praise they deserve as much it as I’ve personally gotten. It’s truly satisfying as a creator to be able to watch the series and really enjoy what is happening on screen and that credit REALLY goes out to My Team.

More after the Jump!

(continue reading…)

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