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For Your Consideration: Guest Star – Taryn O’Neill

by on Feb.22, 2010, under For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration: Guest Star - Taryn O'Neill

This Post is in a series of posts that is directed at the members of the IAWTV/Streamy Awards. The content will highlight different members of the Compulsions team. These are meant for both awareness and as a guide to showcase what each individual brought to the project.

Taryn is an experienced Actor and received a Streamy Nomination in 2009 for her work in After Judgment. Last month she won an Indie Soap Award for Best Supporting Actress in her work in Compulsions. (continue reading…)

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UPDATE: Live Show Launch of the Season Finale – TONIGHT!

by on Dec.10, 2009, under News

UPDATE – Live show will be at 8:00PST at

We will be showing clips from the season as well as talking about the production and the making of this unique series. Also included will be a live stream of the Episode 8 Season Finale and will be taking questions from the live stream.

Guests will now include -

Craig Frank aka Mark Sandler – also of the The Crew and Craig and the Werewolf

Annemarie Pazmino aka Cassandra Morrissey – also of Sorority Forever

Taryn O’Neill aka Sara Flannery – also of After Judgment and Hurtling Through Space

Director of Photography Jason Raswant

Producer Michael Tohl

Director Nathan Atkinson

Writer/Creator Bernie Su

We’re announcing another Live Show tomorrow night for the launch of our Episode 8 – Season Finale. Thursday, Dec 10th at approx 8:30pm PST.

Featured on the show will be :Craigfrank: (Mark Sandler), Annemarie Pazmino (Cassandra Morrissey), Writer/Creator Bernie Su, Director Nathan Atkinson and other members of the cast and crew.

The show will be hosted by Cricket Lee, and feature some clips from the season. They will also be “pushing launch” on the final episode and will be talking about the show, the web space, how the series was made, shot, and their experiences with this show and other web productions. Questions will be taken from the live chat room, so be sure to stop by! Exact URLs and details will be announced tomorrow so be sure to check back or follow/fan us on Facebook and Twitter

Also be sure to look out for Episode 7 – Obsessed with a Crush – later tonight!

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Casting a Sadist

by on Nov.25, 2009, under Creators Blog

This is the only role I’m going to address before the launch because this is the only role I feel can be blogged about without ruining a large part of the story.

Going into casting, we all knew that the three leads would be a challenge to find ideal actors for. We knew that Mark Sandler (The Sadist) would be especially important and vital because the character is so dynamic, and that a high percentage of the story revolves around him.

Craig Frank rests in between takes in Compulsions.

Craig Frank rests in between takes in Compulsions.

When you approach casting a role like Mark, you tend to get sucked in to the darkness of the torture scenes. Thus, it was important to us that we look for actors who effectively play both sides of the character. Mark isn’t a sadist 100% of the time, you need to make sure that the actor can address the human side of the character. Bring in some sympathy, and of course very importantly, make the audience root for him. This isn’t unlike manyof our modern day leading men in episodic content. Jack Bauer (24), Dr. House (House), Vic Mackey (The Shield), and Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) are all great examples of leading men who are in reality bad people, yet we as an audience will root for them. (continue reading…)

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Web Series actors can act!

by on Nov.20, 2009, under Creators Blog

Happy Friday,

When you’re in the final steps in finishing a series Fridays aren’t the relief that most 9-5ers get. They’re just the start of yet another working weekend! Anyway, lets get to today’s topic.


Annemarie Pazmino looks over her lines.

In the early stages of the project I remember having a conversation with Tubefilter’s Marc Hustvedt about the show. He asked me if we were going to cast a bunch of web TV actors for our ensemble. At the time I told him that I didn’t think so, it’s not because we didn’t want to cast Web TV actors, it’s just that we were ‘casting’ a pretty wide net and were going to pick the best person available, web star or not.  So naturally with the sheer number of people that we were having come in to read that weren’t part of the web TV community, I figured the Web Actors would get dwarfed out simply by statistics. It turned out I couldn’t have been more wrong. (continue reading…)

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