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Annemarie Pazmino

Annemarie Pazmino as Cassandra

Annemarie Pazmino as Cassandra Morrissey

Streamys For Your Consideration: Best Female Actor in a Dramatic Web Series – Annemarie Pazmino
“Acting for me is always about trying to find the truth in my characters. The journey of finding it is the fun, and actually getting there is the bonus.”


Annemarie Pazmino stars as Cassandra Morrissey in Compulsions. This is her third webseries, you’ve also seen her in Sorority Forever as Rachel Perkins, the original series for from director/producer Big Fantastic and McG. Born in Los Angeles with no ties to the industry, Pazmino grew up in the heart of East Los Angeles and Pasadena. As a kid, she loved to perform, if she wasn’t involved in school productions she was taking part in dance performances and Equestrain jumping competitions.

Pazmino has played characters ranging from the nerdy high school girl to the sexy assassin. She’s had many roles in shorts and indie films that have been successful throughout the U.S. festival market. A recent film credit, “Shoot the Hero” starring Jason Mewes and Danny Trejo where Pazmino plays a sexy assasin, a far cry from the loner computer techy in Compulsions.

She has her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science/Pre-Vet. Medicine and has traveled throughout Asia, Europe, the U.S., and has lived in Japan for a brief period; all the while continuing to fulfill her fervor for acting through study and performance. “Annemarie’s work is inspiring and moving. Her performances are rich and clear combining intelligence with imagination.” Lynette Katselas McNeill-Director and Acting Coach.

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