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Reflecting on the Streamy Nominations.

by on Mar.05, 2010, under Creators Blog

Fellow Streamy Nominee, Kristyn Burtt (The Web Files) and I at The Good Knight's Quest Premiere

First off, I want to congratulate all the Streamy Award Nominees. There were a lot of peers and pals that I deeply respect that scored nominations and that is just awesome. There were several I was so thrilled to see that it felt like I was more excited than the nominees themselves.

Anyway it’s just been a crazy week. So crazy that this blog post is coming 3 days after I originally wanted to write it. The good thing with the extra time for this post is that I can reflect more on what the nominations means to the team, the show, and me. I’ll admit, I was nervous as heck going into Monday morning (when they announced the nominations). I had figured that’d we pull in a few nominations and do well, but you never know until it’s official.

I am truly thrilled with our Streamy nominations. What the Streamy Awards means to everyone else is subjective, but to me it means a ton. Last year when we were finishing Compulsions, I set a hard deadline to my team. “This show is coming out in its entirety this year, distribution deal or not!”, and sure enough with grinding hard work, and the promotional support of Dailymotion, it premiered and has been extremely well received. One note to add, as one fellow deeply respected creator pointed out to me on Monday, the nominations (and any possible wins) will also hopefully give us enough recognition to propel us into a Season 2, which is and should be the goal for any Season 1 series.

As for our nominations themselves, it’s awesome that we’re well represented. We’re nominated in what are traditionally referred to as “big categories” (Acting, Writing, Directing, and Overall Drama). But as this is a blog and I feel obligated to be honest, I’ll admit that there was still this bittersweetness to it. Being part of a team, there’s this  disappointment that comes when members of them don’t receive the recognition that you feel they deserve. I really wanted my craft/technical team to pull out a nomination or two, so yes I was sad that they didn’t receive any. But in reflecting on it, I believe that feeling of let down goes for any webseries out there, nominated or not.

I’ve had private conversations with several nominees from other shows who voiced the exact same disappointment that I had. Their show may be represented (and in some cases well represented) yet they are still saddened by being missed in categories which they believed they were a strong contender for. It may seem “greedy” but I assure you it’s not. It’s a feeling of camaraderie that stems from that “family love” mentality you develop when you’re  working in a collaborative process like producing web video. Every web series creator/director/whatever is going to champion the work of every member of their team, it’s just a part of the journey. Thus I really hope my peers that were nominated are truly grateful for the nominations they received, and not worrying about the nominations that they didn’t.

Finally, for my personal nomination in writing, I am of course ecstatic. It’s an honor to be nominated, and it feels good to be up against heavy hitters.  Amongst my fellow nominees are a slew of TV writing credits (Lost, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The L Word) and two big studios (Sony/Crackle and MTV Networks).  As a growing episodic script-writer evolving into short format, I really challenged myself to prove that an intense/gripping/sophisticated drama could be executed as a high quality/episodic web series, thus it’s rewarding to receive a level of recognition like this. At its very base, it is an encouraging piece of validation that pushes my to advance my craft, so I will continue to press more in my work. – In a phrase  - “I must be doing something right.”

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