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What a Week – Success?

by on Dec.05, 2009, under Creators Blog

Hey everyone!

Bernie-Janna-Seth 11-30-2009 7-28-40 PM

Left to Right: Writer/Creator Bernie Su, Janna Bossier (Justine Davis), and Seth Caskey (Adam Creedy) at the Compulsions Premiere Party

First off I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who are watching the show. It doesn’t matter how good you make the show, if no one watches it, it might as well not exist. I also want to say THANK YOU to my amazing cast and crew (many of which are still putting the final polish on episodes 5-8) for our 2nd week run. I’ve heard a ton of personal praise, and even apparently have a personalized congrats video out there thanks to Sandra Payne and Kristyn Burtt of The Web Files (way to make a writer of such darkness shed a tear).  Anyway, I have to deflect a lot of the praise to my cast and crew, they were all spectacular in their own rights and all put in a ton of quality hard work into this show. With all the praise they deserve as much it as I’ve personally gotten. It’s truly satisfying as a creator to be able to watch the series and really enjoy what is happening on screen and that credit REALLY goes out to My Team.

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I’ve been asked “What would be the bench mark of success for this show?”. I don’t think a question like that can be answered, there really isn’t a precedent for a show like ours though I know a 1 million view week one would be completely unrealistic. This is not a show that’s going to bust the play buttons across the web right out of the gate. We have no main stream stars outside of the web space, we have no studio PR/Marketing machine, and we have no brand integration. We are truly an independent “Word of Mouth” show. Yes the Dailymotion support has been remarkable, if not a complete god send. I’ve enjoyed every moment working with them, and would recommend any other creator to definitely consider their resources as a tool cause they are vast and are hungry for quality content. As Aimee Carlson, Director of Programming,  told me at the Premiere Party “It’s easy when it’s good”, and as Liz Miller from Newteevee said, Dailymotion “has thrown the full weight of its site behind driving viewership.” and really we could not be happier. It’s gotten us a lot of press and exposure to a ton of new eyes that normally wouldn’t even see web shows. So the question remains has that made us a success?

As far as numbers go, I figured a 100,000 view total after week 1 would be astounding (note: week 1 technically would not end until this coming Monday so we still have a few days to hit that goal – though unlikely). I do think 50kish (not counting Trailer views) has to be a success for us thus far. In the grand scheme of things 50k is really nothing but you have to keep in mind the context. Again, no huge built in fan base, we’re not a viral video, we aren’t a “sexy” genre (sciFi/comedy). So yeah 50k after 4 days… to me that’s a success (or more like “So Far So Great!”). I’ve been smiling all week (minus the squeamish moments I get when I watch those Mark Sandler/Craig Frank episodes) and as much as we are off the Dailymotion front page for now, we’ll be back next Tuesday when Episode 5 hits and the story switches to Annemarie Pazmino‘s Cassandra Morrissey so keep tuning in.

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7 Responses to “What a Week – Success?”

  1. Jeff Timmerberg says:

    WOW! The production quality, acting, and story are unprecedented for a web based show. This is good as anything I have ever seen on a network. This pushes the envelope just like 24 did several years ago. Keep up the great work!

  2. From the first episode of Compulsions, I was intrigued. The team behind this show has done in 5 minutes what many full-length TV shows can’t do in an hour!

  3. Majnun says:

    (The population of Earth – 50,000) people are missing out. The writing and production value especially are miles ahead of any web drama I’ve ever seen. Very excited about next week, and those numbers will only grow as word of mouth continues to spread. Congrats

  4. SPwrite says:

    You earned the kudos, Bernie! Great job on this series! Can’t wait for each episode!

  5. Bernie Su says:

    Thank you all. It’s really awesome to see that people across the web are really appreciating the series. These comments are all very inspiring to the team. We really hope we get to continue the series.

    Keep spreading the word.

  6. weight bench says:

    Hello I was just wondering do you do all the writing yourself or do you have guest posters. I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks.

  7. Laine Wicke says:

    Logan Pearsall Smith~ It is the wretchedness of being rich that you have to live with rich people.

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