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Compulsions wins 5 StayTunedTV Awards

by on Aug.26, 2011 , under Awards, News

Left to Right: Michael Tohl, Bernie Su, Nathan Atkinson, and Annemarie Pazmino show of the hardware.

We are proud to announce that Compulsions has received five Awards in the 2011 StayTunedTV Awards, including

Best Drama
Best Actor in a Drama – Craig Frank
Best Writing – Bernie Su
Audience Choice Award – Best Directing – Nathan Atkinson
Audience Choice Award – Best Actress in a Drama – Annemarie Pazmino

Director Nathan Atkinson holds up the Best Drama trophy. - Nathan also won the Audience Choice Award for Directing in a Drama.

Producer Michael Tohl holds up the Best Drama trophy

The team poses behind the three trophies for Drama, Writer, and Actor.

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Promoting a Web Series

by on Jun.18, 2010 , under Creators Blog

Stars Taryn O'Neill, Janna Bossier, and Craig Frank at a New Media Vault Event.

Inspired by Mathieas’ Tubefilter piece on building buzz, and a  shout out to Dialogik Digital and the immense help they did in our pre-launch, I figured I’d blog about Promoting a Web Series. Please note, I am not claiming that the promoting of our show was a complete success, nor am I claiming it to be the right way to promote a show, it’s just the way we chose to do it.

When you’re doing an independent series for the web, one of the big daunting tasks is in the promoting of your web series.  Most people who create shows aren’t promoters, advertisers, or public relations gurus, they are filmmakers and storytellers.

Personally I’m glad to see that the “if you build it, they will come” watch mantra is dying fast. Why? Well the internet is a HUGE place. There are a lot of eyes out there, and you’re never reach them all. That is why you need to guide your target viewers to your show, and you need to find your audience.

I’m going to re-point to Pam Kulik’s, Dialogik Digital post on this because she really has it fleshed out better than I do so take a look. She really covers our Launch Strategy,  Promoting, and Audience Building, so I encourage you to learn from it, I know I did. I remember being on a conference call with them and Dailymotion before our launch and the two P.R. reps just chatted away about all this promotional/press jargon that I had no clue about. -

If you’re a web series creator, if you get anything out of this post, I’d say look into finding/hiring some P.R. representation, it’ll shoot your promotions forward 10 fold. (continue reading…)

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Script Magazine’s Interview with Bernie Su

by on Jun.01, 2010 , under News

Posted on May 28th,

Script Magazine interviewed Streamy Award winning writer Bernie Su.

Bernie talks about writing dark, foot trucks, and writing for online media.

Bernie Su's Interview on Script Magazine.

Bernie Su’s Interview on Script Magazine.
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WebTV Week and The Streamys – Celebrating the Space and the Medium.

by on Apr.13, 2010 , under Creators Blog


Walking on Stage at the Streamys - photo by J.Regan Huston

It’s been a memorable week to say the least.  As much as I can say that I am thrilled for our Streamy Win I am not going to ignore the Streamys Ceremony debacle. My family was there, and it was good that I won, because I felt that really glossed over all the bad that was the ceremony itself for them. It left a bitter taste in my mouth after celebrating my finest moment as a writer (to date). I won an award where I was nominated against writers of several TV shows I deeply admire and my predecessors in my category are Jane Espenson and Ronald D Moore, two writers I hold as icons in my craft.  I remind myself that it wasn’t the Streamys or Tubefilter proper giving me the honor, it was from the voting body of the IAWTV who didn’t produce the Streamys, but instead determined the winners.

Despite the content of Compulsions and most of my stories, I generally like to remember the good things rather than the bad. So I will do my best to focus on that for this post. The Streamys, Web TV Week, and everything we as creators of online content do should be recognized, honored, celebrated, and for most of the week it really was. (continue reading…)

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Compulsions wins a Streamy for Best Writing in a Drama – Bernie Su

by on Apr.12, 2010 , under Awards, News

Bernie Su wins The Streamy for Best Writing in a Drama - photo by The Bui Brothers

Last night, at the 2nd annual Streamy Awards. Compulsions won a Streamy Award for Best Writing a Drama for Writer/Creator Bernie Su.

Compulsions was nominated for four Streamy Awards overall, aside from Writing, it also had nominations in Directing Nathan Atkinson, Actor Craig Frank, and Best Overall Drama.

A complete list of winners can be found here.

Other photos by the Bui Brothers from the Red Carpet – More will be added as we find them. – after the jump

(continue reading…)

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  • Compulsions wins 5 StayTunedTV Awards
  • Promoting a Web Series
  • Script Magazine’s Interview with Bernie Su
  • WebTV Week and The Streamys – Celebrating the Space and the Medium.
  • Compulsions wins a Streamy for Best Writing in a Drama – Bernie Su
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